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1500 Dollars in Cell Phone Bills?!?!


Make sure you check all your monthly bills, that’s all I can say. My company’s phone manager questioned my recent cell phone bill. It was the most in the company, a whopping $538. $400 of which was overage charges. 2000 something minutes at 45 cents each. I combed through the details thinking I had some weird roaming or someone hijacked my phone. But no, they were legit!

After more research, for 30 bucks more, I could have had unlimited instead of the minimal, 450 minutes. Digging around further, this has been going on for months! I reconciled 3 months, but what a shock. So take it from me, check your bill, go unlimited if needed, or pay 1500 dollars in overages like me!

Update: To not stress about bills as much, learn more about Passive Income!

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