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It’s been a busy few days. Time moves so fast, a blog is a great way to look back on newsworthy events. Some more so than others, but garnering media attention nonetheless.

Conan the Barbarian

Mildred Baena

The Governator was getting busy and channeling his inner Conan. The mother of his love child (Mildred Baena) was revealed. There’s even talk that he may have another love child from another woman. Guess now we know why California’s financial woes never got fixed.

Endeavor Twitter Pic Goes Viral

Endeavor Twitter Pic

Stefanie Gordon’s tweets about one of the last space shuttle flights went viral. She captured some awesome pictures from her seat as she herself was on a flight. She instantly got thousands of followers and every media outlet was using her pics. Welcome to the new age of journalism!

Oprah Farewell Show

Oprah Farewell Show

Can’t believe she’s been rocking on for 25 years! The stars came out to say goodbye to the woman who influenced countless lives. She’s an inspiration to all!

Dirk Nowitzki Baddest Gun in the West

What a performance. 48 points and hit all 24 of his free throws for a new NBA record. After years of heartache, could this be his year?

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Bulls Slam Dunk Heat

It’s gonna be a fun series, but yesterday’s game one was a blow out. I expected things to be a little more competitive. Taj Gibson of all people had two career highlight dunks in the opener. D-Wade is one of my favorite players, but he absolutely gets posterized here. I normally wouldn’t do this, but it was pretty awesome. Reggie Miller goes nuts as well.

The next dunk is a one handed put back. Listen for the ferocity as the ball tears through the rim and net. Taj Gibson should retire right now. Don’t think he’ll ever come close to these two highlights, again.

Speaking of slam dunks, check out my Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Review. If you want to sky higher like Taj or take your finances to the next level, this book is a must read!

Mango Languages Giveaway

April 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Get all the details here!

Mango Languages Giveaway at Buck Inspire

Congrats to the Fighter!

I may be a few days late, but better late than never! Congratulations to the Fighter for taking home Best Supporting Actress (Melissa Leo) and Best Supporting Actor (Christian Bale). In case you missed it, I reviewed the Fighter months back. On second thought, I did not give Melissa her just due. Guess she got the last laugh. I know, I know, you won Oscar gold, but please, no more F-bombs! ūüôā

The Fighter Movie Review

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Buck Inspire?!?!

December 3, 2010 2 comments

I’m finally making the switch.¬† Thanks to all Yakezie members for their support and advice.¬† Ironically, my frugal ways got the better of me.¬† Why pay for hosting when I can blog for free?¬† Why go through all the hassle of transitioning?¬† What about my ever improving Alexa ranking?¬† Why do I want to start all over again?¬† What happens to my momentum?

So what or who is Buck Inspire?¬† Honestly, bucksaver was taken, so I needed something else.¬† Which led to another minor meltdown “I have to think of a new domain name, one that’s not taken?!?!”

Initially Buck is for our almighty dollar.¬† But I’ve always been a fan of Buck Rogers.¬† (Erin Gray was smoking and who couldn’t love Twiki and Hawk!)¬† Big fan of Seinfeld too, so perhaps I was also thinking of George’s porn star alias, Buck Naked.¬† I think everyone likes superheroes so I kind of wanted something heroic.¬† Finally, whenever I write, I hope to leave my readers inspired.¬† Lofty aspirations, but I’m willing to take the challenge.¬† Speaking of challenges, the Yakezie Challenge really works!

December 03, 2010 Alexa Ranking #3,800,068

November 25, 2010 Alexa Ranking #12,799,807

Thanks again for everyone’s support.¬† Please continue with me at

Update: I actually beat the challenge last month. Check out Yakezie Challenge: Blake Griffin Dunk!

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New HDTV or Frostbite?

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I swear, I was itching for that 40 inch Westinghouse tv from Target.¬† 3am wake up call, 4am doors open, wait for a few hours, don’t get trampled, and take home my brand new tv for $298.¬† It sounded so good in my head.¬† Sadly as the hours ticked by and more news reports came in, it was more of a dream…¬† Southern California was rocked by record low temperatures.¬† One reporter even joked, we’re getting Chicago type weather.¬† They showed the Black Friday shoppers lined up in tents with heaters, looking like Eskimos.¬† Half I was encouraged to join in on the madness and the other half questioned, do I really want to get frostbite?¬† I must be getting older as the frostbite side of the brain won…¬† Did anyone get a great Black Friday deal?

Update: Shopping for big ticket items can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out Pressure Free Test Drive, What a Concept!

Yakezie! Did you just sneeze?

November 25, 2010 8 comments

After a good month of blogging and a great journey through Europe, I thought I needed to jump-start¬†my blog again.¬† Funny how life takes you on amazing rides…¬† I stumbled upon the Yakezie¬†Challenge.¬† Initially I thought someone sneezed, but after drilling down more, I was intrigued by the concept.¬† Here I was naively typing away, thinking I was all alone in this crazy blogspace.¬† Come to find there is a huge community writing about exactly what I was writing about.¬† In the past, I would have been intimidated by all the intelligent and gifted writers.¬† But why not join the community and challenge and learn from the best of the best.¬† So I’m taking the Yakezie Challenge, too!¬† Learn more about it here.

November 25, 2010 Alexa Ranking #12,799,807 Happy Thanksgiving!

Update: For all you newbie bloggers, check out my Note to Newbies!