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Free DVDs! Are you kidding me?

October 26, 2010 2 comments

Have you visited your local grocery story lately?  You are either blind or unaware if you didn’t notice the Blockbuster Express kiosk.  Rather than go to a regular brick and mortar store, you can rent a recently released DVD for one dollar!  I needed a change of pace from the older library movies I borrowed before, so I treated myself to a more recent flick.  In the very simple process, I left my email address.  Now, I’ve been getting discount codes for free movies or rent one get one free specials. 

One question, HOW IS BLOCKBUSTER STILL AROUND?!?!  No matter to me.  Perhaps making up for missing out on trying online grocery shopping from Webvan, I’m not going to miss out on free coupons from near bankrupt Blockbuster.  Give it a try, scan through the selections, checkout your cart, swipe your credit card, and pull out your DVD.  You have until the following 9pm to return it.  Just click, return, and insert.  Even a fifth grader can do it!