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Mike Brown New Lakers Coach

Looks like Showtime has a new coach. It’s former Cavs coach and current NBA analyst Mike Brown. Say what? I know we’ve been spoiled and anyone else other than Phil Jackson looks like a downgrade, but Mike Brown? Economically, the Lakers save some money. Phil was getting 13 million so to get a coach for 4 to 5 million looks like a bargain.

He had some success in Cleveland with LeBron, but I was hoping for someone with more experience as the drop off from Phil is steep. If you did want to go young and save the dollars, at least go with Brian Shaw who knows the system and is close with your best player, the Black Mamba. The worrisome part is Kobe Bryant was not consulted on the coaching position. Oh boy. Let’s hope everyone plays nicely for the next few years. For more information, check out ESPN’s breaking story on Mike Brown.

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